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ReelWomen Non-Profit Sole E35 Elliptical Review: The Women Solution to Indoor Workouts

If you are concerned about your fitness but not into workouts, there is a high chance you don’t like fitness centers, here is our non-profit ReelWomen Sole E35 elliptical review. Well, Sole Fitness and their E35 Elliptical technology might just change the way you view exercising.

sole fitness

Fitness centers are out of the equation; you can do workouts at your own convenient time, and the best part is that it is one of the best home gyms available in the market.

sole e35 elliptical

To understand how this machine works, let us take a look at some of its salient features.

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  • Pulse sensors and chest strap – To monitor your heart rate.
  • LCD (back-lit) – To track you progress
  • Pedals and consoles that are adjustable plus stride and incline that are adjustable by power.
  • Measurements – The measurements are (27*58*83) inches
  • Inbuilt fan that – For cooling.
  • Speakers – Where you can attach any music player
  • Weight limit of 215 and 375 pounds.


I wouldn’t say the Sole E35 elliptical works perfect for everybody, but for a home gym this type, you might want to try it.

sole e35 elliptical front sole e35 elliptical sideways

According to this Sole E35 elliptical review, it is designed for limited space, Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine and works perfectly for cardio workouts. The machine works quietly and smoothly and the best part is that it is comfortable. It comes with very wide foot pedals to reduce the stress on the knees and the ankle. You can monitor your progress via LCD display, play your favorite music as you workout by connecting any mp3 players to its built-in speakers.

sole e35 elliptical LCD display

We can see that apart from just providing a room for effective cardio workouts, the designers of sole fitness E35 elliptical machine considered comfort, morale, and any other thing to encourage you to continue working out. To get a clear picture of what I’m saying let us take a look at some of the reasons you might want to include it in your fitness budget.

  1. COMFORTABILITY DURING WORKOUTS – As we said earlier the designers targeted comfort as you are working out. The foot pedal design that is over sized was meant to reduce knee and ankle stress common with the machines its type.
  2. ENABLES YOU TO MONITOR YOUR PULSE AND HEART RATE – It comes with pulse sensors and chest strap. You can find the sensors on both the handlebars. The function of the chest strap is to both heart rate programs.
  3. YOU CAN TRACK MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS – Apart from giving your body the workout it needs, the machine also allows you to know the distance you’ve covered, calories burnt, the level of resistance and the time you spend working out via a back-lit LCD display screen.
  4. YOU CAN ACCESS A VARIETY OF PRESET PROGRAMS – The machine gives you lots of workout programs to keep you from getting bored with the workouts. You can choose a variety of exercises from 10 pre-set programs it comes with or choose among the two it allows you to add.
  5. MONITOR THE WORKOUT INTENSITY – With 16 resistance levels it works well to let you know how intense your workout was during the workouts.
  6. QUITE AND SMOOTH WORKOUTS – This drive system work both in reverse and forward motion providing quiet and smooth workout. It also comes with a flywheel that is 29 lb and a high ratio gear that is rare in other elliptical machines this type.
  7. WHOLE BODY WORKOUTS – It comes with 0 – 30 degrees fully adjustable ramp angle that enables you to get full body workouts that target both the upper and your lower part of the body hence the effectiveness.
  8. EXERCISE AT THE SAME TIME FEEL ENTERTAINED – It comes with speakers where you can connect your smartphone, mp3 player or iPod as you are exercising. You can play any music you like and as a result you will be able to do more workouts without feeling tired.
  9. A LIFETIME WARRANTY – You don’t have to worry about wasting your money or getting conned since the machine comes with the best warranty offers you will ever get from any manufacturer. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, two years labor warranty and lastly five years warranty on parts and electronics. Quality is important.

If we were to choose among the best elliptical machines available in the market, then it is without a doubt that sole e35 elliptical technology would make a top list. It comes with almost everything that a home gym fanatic would desire. It deserves all the credit it gets, but that doesn’t mean it works perfectly for everyone. There are things you might like or not like about it depending on your type of workout.

sole elliptical e35 console 3 sole elliptical e35 console 4 sole elliptical e35 console 1 sole elliptical e35 console 2

If you are planning to buy this simple yet effective machine, it would be wiser to familiarize yourself with some of its drawbacks.


  1. TOO HEAVY – With the weight 215 lbs, you might not find transporting this machine pleasing, but the manufacturers tried to improve this by giving it four wheels that make it moveable.
  2. ADEQUATE BUT UNIMPRESSIVE PRESET WORKOUT PROGRAMS – There are more than enough pre-set programs to choose from, but not that interesting to make you want more.

sole fitness ellipticals


Nothing will ever be perfect for everyone, and Sole e35 elliptical technology is not exceptional.

It works best for others and well, there are others who strongly feel it still needs some improvement on various parts. We can see the weight coming into the picture as a few of its users find this a nuisance. Contrary to what its manufacturers are saying, there are other issues with the delivery and lastly the durability part. According to one customer, there is something fishy about how fast the machine rusts, but I think rusting would depend on how you handle the machine.

sole e35 elliptical fly wheel

On the other hand, those who love it are speaking a complete different language. However how much they love it, we can still see the issue with weight. There are more positive reviews on the overall performance plus most of its users like the quiet, smooth and the entertaining feature the machine possesses. The fact that the positive feedback are more than the negative comments even gives it the credibility it deserves. We can also rely on the fact that SOLE manufacturers are always ready to make the improvements addressing most of their customer issues. So we can still expect a lot to come from Sole Fitness e35 elliptical technology, a least that’s what we have been told by Mr. Frazier from

sole e35 elliptical handle

In summary, the machine is excellent for indoor workouts with a little improvement on its weight.

The designers tried to address most of the complaints customers have with other elliptical machines such as comfort-ability and more. The specs are astounding, and the offer on warranty even makes it better, but it is always good to take into account some of the complaints as a guide to buying the product. What we mustn’t forget is that these feedback cannot be as accurate as they are said. So the solution is to go for the Sole E35 elliptical, try it out and be among the living testimonies, for additional information contact us.