Women-Centric: SOLE E25 Elliptical Review & Product Overview

This SOLE E25 elliptical review helps you understand how the machine works before you invest your money, here is the latest review from ReelWomen in the series of E35 and E95 reviews. This model features a whisper-quiet drive system that provides a fluid, natural motion, allowing both forward and backward movement. With its 25lb flywheel backed by high gear ratio, this can only mean that you will have a challenging workout with an extremely smooth feel as you go through its 20 levels of resistance.

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The adjustable, moving handlebars are for comfort, while the static handlebars are fitted with sensors to help monitor your heart rate. Sole engineers have specially designed the footbeds to articulate for maximum user comfort and performance. Moreover, the ease of use of the LCD console display, built in speakers for virtually any MP3 player, and the cooling fans make it an ideal training equipment.

SOLE E25 Elliptical: Built to Perform

Take your jogging to the next level and achieve your fitness goals with the SOLE E25 elliptical training equipment. The elliptical comes integrated with 10 workouts to fit your exercise needs and feel challenged by the 20 levels of resistance and increasing incline levels. The power-include feature adds more resistance and variations to your workout. As many online consumer reviews points out, this is one of the more prominent features of the SOLE E25 elliptical.

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Simply press a button when you want to raise the incline ramp to a desired position. The adjustable ramp angle up to 20 incline levels will help target and work major lower body muscle groups. A wireless chest strap and pulse rate grip will track your heart rate accurately and a water bottle holder and built in fan will ensure you are comfortable all the way.

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Priced to Impress

With a price under $1000, this is a top quality elliptical and the best on the market for the price. Oversize foot pedals also ensure you have a comfortable workout, as the foot pedals are uniquely designed with the help of a leading physical therapist and dedicated sports enthusiast. The 2-degree inward slope to foot pedals designed by SOLE engineers minimize knee and ankle stress common in ordinary elliptical machines. In addition, the two real wheels ride on heavy-duty rails to provide a smoother, stable feel and minimize side-to-side foot pedal motion, a rare feature common only on more expensive elliptical models. The model offers a challenging cardio workout so as to keep the body guessing.

E25 SOLE Elliptical Technology

This elliptical machine offers a combination of a total workout and natural human movement to deliver what sports enthusiasts are looking for.

1. Unique Custom-Designed Foot Pedals:

Developed in collaboration with a top physical therapist and dedicated sports enthusiast, SOLE engineers have also showcased their expertise in designing a 2-degree inward slope to foot pedals to minimize knee and ankle stress common on other commercial elliptical machines. Custom-made to suit how you walk, as people do not walk in a similar way, reducing the numb toe effect or sore Achilles tendons so that users can focus less on discomfort and more on achieving workout goals.

2. E25 Power Incline:

This power feature distinguishes SOLE from all other competitors on the market. This feature provides a workout that targets specific areas of your lower body that would normally be ignored by other elliptical machines without the Power Incline feature. Extra resistance from diverse angles to offer a challenging workout all with the touch of a single button. Targets all major muscle groups of the lower body.

3. Quiet Drive System:

Fluid, natural motion and functions in forward and reverse. It combines a heavy, 25-pound flywheel together with high gear ratio to deliver a smooth feel.

4. Sturdy Frame:

With heavy 38mm steel, the machine is designed to support weight of up to 350lbs.

5. Advanced Sensor Systems E25 SOLE BuilT-IN:

Static handlebars with in-built pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring and a heart rate chest strap for ongoing pulse monitoring with interactive heart rate programs.

6. The SOLE E25 Elliptical’s 4-rear wheels on heavy-duty rails:

Designed for a smoother and more stable feel, with reduced side-to-side foot pedal motion.

Product features and Benefits

  • Offers a challenging cardio workout
  • Blue backlit LCD display for tracking essential training data
  • Power-adjustable stride with 20-22-inch maximum stride length
  • Pulse grip & chest strap heart rate monitoring
  • Built in fan to keep you cool, 15-inch pedals, water bottle holder and an MP3 player to listen to your favorite songs while training
  • 20 levels of resistance and 20 increasing incline levels for variation
  • Articulating 15 inch oversized pedals with a unique 2-degree slope inward for a natural stride and to lessen impact
  • 10 integrated workout to fit specific training needs
  • 38mm steel frame
  • Mobility wheels for moving elliptical easily
  • Manufacturer’s warranties against workmanship and defects in materials: lifetime on frame; 3 years on both electronics and parts; and 1-year on labor

sole e25 LCD display

sole e25 LCD top

sole e25 LCD middle

sole e25 LCD bottom

Elliptical Dimensions and Specifications

  •  Measures 27 x58 x 71 inches (W by H by D)
  • 189-pound weight and
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Display: 6.5″ LCD
  • Max Stride Length: 22″
  • Pedal Size: 15″
  • Flywheel: 25 lbs
  • Voltage: 110
  • Power Source: AC
  • Accessories: iPod/ MP3 player; water bottle holders

The Key Elements of Natural Motion

Different design details work in collaboration to deliver the most natural, comfortable elliptical workout. From this SOLE E25 elliptical review, you will realize that everything from the pedals to the handlebars is right where it is supposed to be. There is too much hype in the fitness equipment industry regarding elliptical trainer equipment as well as which one offers the best ergonomics and biomechanics. While elliptical trainers are designed with physical therapists’ advice, one does not need to possess a degree in orthopedics in order to understand the special features to purchase the equipment. All you need is an elliptical trainer with a smooth, fluid motion, or a specially designed, level ellipse pattern that stimulates both walking and running. The E25 model delivers just that, but at an affordable price.

SOLE E25 Elliptical Review Summary: All-in-All

Hotels nationwide and in Canada prefer the SOLE elliptical trainer for their in-room fitness programs. Engineered to surpass expectations, the trainer performs well and delivers under rigorous hotel conditions and use. The equipment has also grown in popularity among residential users as the company continues to target a wider market with their light commercial offerings. The chest strap heart rate allows heart rate monitoring while the LCD console provides essential training data.

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Finally, with all the benefits that the SOLE E25 elliptical has to offer at an affordable price of $1000, which is much lower than other machines delivering similar functions, this model is a good investment for the sports enthusiast who wants to hit lower body muscle groups at different angles.

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